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Fish with us in Costa Rica!

Fish in Costa Rica


Fresh Albacore Tuna for sale July-October, Westport, WA.

These fish are highly sustainable, hook & line caught, immediately bled, and iced for the absolute very best quality possible.

Reserve your fish in-advance!

About Your Catch

As soon as your catch hits the deck it’s bled and iced within minutes. It will remain that way throughout the day as we catch and load in more fish. We don’t mark the Tuna as to who caught it becuase they are so similar in size and we like to keep the team mentality strong! At the end of the trip the loined tuna gets divided equally amongst of all anglers on board. Our average take-home is 7-10 Albacore, or 50-80lbs of loins per angler.

Your catch will be expertly filleted for $4 per fish by your deck hand and captain, or fish cutters back at port. Depending on ocean conditions, some days we can get all or most of the fish cleaned on the way back to port, some days our fish cutters will come aboard at port and clean your fish upon our return. This could take 1-2 hours additional time.

Shaved ice is available at Merinos and dry ice is available at Swansons grocery in Aberdeen, WA.

Don’t forget a cooler for your catch (approx 70qts cooler per angler, leave in vehicle).


We clean your catch, so you can enjoy it that evening!A boatload of Westport Tuna!tuna salmon fishing westport wa