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Fish with us in Costa Rica!

Fish in Costa Rica


Fresh Albacore Tuna for sale July-October, Westport, WA.

These fish are highly sustainable, hook & line caught, immediately bled, and iced for the absolute very best quality possible.

Reserve your fish in-advance!

What to bring on your Express Style Tuna trip


Please pack all of your belongings into one small backpack or duffle bag per person.

What to Wear

Rain or shine you have to wear full rain gear and knee high rubber boots. This will keep the blood, scales, and spray off of you. When we start putting tuna on the deck it becomes a blood bath. All the while we are hosing the deck and boat, and YOU off with raw saltwater. Having a spare change of clothes stashed in your vehicle is not a bad idea either. I know its "your" clothes but we care about the boats too and being able to rinse you down before entering the cabin is important. Please pack all of your belongings into one small backpack or duffle bag per person.

Food and Drink:

You should pack enough food and drink for 12 hours. When you arrive at the boat we will transfer your cooler items into our boat cooler so bringing those down in a plastic grocery sack is advised. Your dry food items can stay with you. NO GLASS. Bring drinks with caps/lids.


Beer is fine but in moderation, hard alchohol is not allowed (tasters are fine). The folks who "do the worst" start drinking when the boat is on the way out or shortly after arriving on the Tuna grounds. They tend to fish poorly, have a hard time walking and fishing on deck, can't keep up with the fast paced fishing, and get sea sick more often. The folks who "do the best and have the best time" don't drink any alchohol until later in the day or on the way in.

What else:

You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear. It should be a non-level wind reel filled with 50lb Tufline braided line (spectra). We will add our own P-Line CFX flourocarbon top shot. This should be paired with a rod rated accordingly and between 6' and 7’. Our top choice is an Okuma 6'6", 50-100lb Cedros or Andros rod paired with an Andros or Metaloid 5s (sinlge speed lever drag, size 5).

Cooler for your cleaned catch (approx 70qts per person, leave in vehicle).

Cash, Credit Card, Check to settle your balance and pay for fish cleaning. Cash please for fish cleaning, and gratuity.

Please pack all of your belongings into one small backpack or duffle bag per person.


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